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  • Hair Love

    Hair Love "Protein Loaded Styling Gel". Condition your hair while styling.  Helps to maintain firm holding set with proteins.   Use for wet or dry sets. 

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  • Reforming Complex Creme

    LIV? Medicated Hair Revitalizer, Reforming Complex? Creme?is a light yet lavish cream, enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamins A, D & E. It provides moisture to strengthen the hair and increase elasticity.

    LIV? Medicated Hair Revitalizer, Reforming Complex? Creme

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  • Ultra Thick Anti-Thinning Formula

    LIV® Medicated Hair Revitalizer, ULTRA Thick Anti-Thinning Formula is a light oil that penetrates and lubricates the scalp. This provides nutrients to the hair, which reduces and increases softness, shine, manageability, and encourages healthy hair growth. 

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